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Tristan Boyd

Marketing Consultant and Full-Stack Marketer
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Before you hire your first marketing team member2021-10-16T06:14:54+00:00

The last thing anyone wants is to be forced to let someone go six months after hiring them because they have the wrong skill set. This can happen if you hire someone based on an assumption about what is going to work. The alternative is to outsource the early stages of your marketing efforts to a full-stack marketer. I can work closely with you to test your marketing programs without risking full-time contracts.

Planning your marketing infrastructure2021-10-16T06:08:41+00:00

Every marketing department relies on a set of tools, and to a large degree, those tools either limit or enable your ability to achieve results. Planning and documenting processes to deliver marketing programs allows you to accurately plan your infrastructure to ensure your team can run as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Creating an effective messaging strategy2021-10-16T06:15:18+00:00

Understanding your customer, her/his problems, and how your product or service solve those problems is the key to creating an effective messaging strategy. As a startup founder, who is deeply focussed on the finer details of your product, it’s often hard to step back and look at your offering from a customer’s point of view. An expert outsider can help you to understand the real benefit that your product creates, rather than focussing on features.

Which channels will work best for your business?2021-10-16T06:18:17+00:00

Working out where to spend your advertising budget is usually a matter of trial and error. I can help you to quickly organise and deliver a range of advertising campaigns across a range of channels, and then deliver simple reports to show what works and what doesn’t.

What about search engine optimisation?2021-10-16T06:22:25+00:00

SEO is long-term strategy that I advise many businesses to include in their marketing mix to some extent. It requires a well-planned process to deliver high-quality content over an extended period of time. This strategy is rarely popular with C level or the board, because it takes time and will contribute to the short term sales targets. But over a longer period, it can become a very valuable source of regular inbound leads.